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The wrong answer

“I told you so” is the wrong answer.
What do you do when you know what the answer should be, but when you try to form the words you realize that no one wants to hear it, even if it is true? Facts are never friendly when you realize they have consequences.
If you jump out of a perfectly good airplane, and see the ground rushing up at you, you are faced with the facts. Gravity is real. No force in nature will stop its influence on your descent. If, however, you donned a parachute, you could manage it’s effects. And even thereby control its influence – not stop, but control.
There are influences all over nature that are common to this. If you are driving on a snowy road the brakes will not work as well on dry ground. It’s not that the brakes have failed to work as they should, but that there is an additional influence that changes their action. This should have a profound affect on the manner in which you should drive.
People look around America and begin to question “WHY?” When we are basically good people, with basically good morals, and most of us have profound concern for our fellow man, “Why” are there such evil people, who care so little about the ones that we should all care for? A recent review of the national headlines would show the travesty of our society. It is not as civilized as we thought it was: a mall shooting, a school shooting, a disgruntled employee shoots his boss and fellow employees, a jilted boyfriend kills his girlfriend and some of her family.
Facts, those ugly truths that no one wants to address. “I told you so” is never the right answer – IS IT? Well you can’t argue with gravity. You can’t argue with Newton’s law of motion. You can’t argue with the effects of sin.
There is a control though – will you apply its influence. Like brakes on dry pavement when faced with a telephone pole, or a parachute when faced with the ground racing at you – JESUS Christ lived, died, and lives, for only one purpose; To control the influence of sin.

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