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What's Missing?

I apologize in advance for what I know is going to be a long post; I have to tell three stories to help you understand what I want to say.
Story #1: Yesterday on the way home from a day of running, another driver was convinced that he needed to pass me before getting to the next light. Based on the distance and speed, I conceded the position and let him “win”. Then at the light, he was more concerned with his phone than he was with the light, so I honked to encourage him to take advantage of the green light. He signaled me with a gesture. This created a conversation in the car with my wife about why some people just are angry people. It was a brief but pointed conversation; something was missing in their life.
Story #2: I arrived at work for a Monday morning, and just seemed to be on top. It was a good day to get lots of work done, and I hit it running. About mid-morning I was thinking about a lot of things and sat down to my computer to do some social media work, and posting for the business and church. Feeling as I did, I picked Psalm 126:3 – Joy was on my mind. Immediately after posting this verse, I was scrolling through the Facebook feed, and found a story about a student at a nearby high school that has set himself on fire, attempting to commit suicide. My mind again races. What does it take for someone to find themselves in a place that suicide is an answer, and then follow through with a terribly painful method of accomplishing it. Yesterday’s car conversation returned to my mind.
Story #3: By now I am getting personally overwhelmed with these thoughts, and this posting begins forming in my mind. One of our vendor’s delivery drivers arrives at our back door; which was locked. He was not happy by the time he got in, and had nothing to say  - at all. He typically is not a friendly person anyway, but yesterday’s car conversation returns to my head yet again. 
Here is the point to all this. Are you a Christian? You have something to share. Have you never considered Jesus Christ as answer to life’s frustrations? I wish you would.
First Christian’s: You have been gifted with incredible knowledge. Jesus Christ did something for you that is amazing, that you cannot ignore the effect that it has had on you. Once you were lost, once you were in darkness, once you were ruled by the powers of Satan and his lies. Now, …. You have been bought, redeemed, freed, released, etc. etc. etc. Share that truth. Tell that story; let people know – They need to know.
Didn’t mean to leave you until last, but consider it the most important - To those that don’t know or haven’t considered the story of Jesus, His life, His death, and His resurrection. You really are held by something that is beyond your control. You may think that you are free, but you really are not. The lies that have been told to you about independence, success, control – they really are lies. Jesus lived a perfect life, as the Son of God, for one purpose: To pay a price for your release from these lies and the penalty of sin, and offer you an opportunity to know God, the Creator of the universe as The One that cares for you more than anyone. He does have expectations, but He helps you accomplish them by the power of His Holy Spirit. Please if you find yourself confused, frustrated, angry, or overwhelmed by this world’s “reality”, Please, consider Christ. Ask someone you know is a Christian – we’re not perfect, but we do want to serve Jesus – Ask about why they made that choice, how it affected them, why life is different for them now. Please ask. It’s really important.

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