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a subtle difference or distinction in expression, meaning, response, etc.

Nuances: a subtle difference or distinction in expression, meaning, response, etc.
The 21st Century is no different than any other time in earths history. There is war, addiction, loss, anger, and the struggle for life all around us. We see the effects every day in the headlines on the paper, or internet social media feeds.
But the broadness of exposure brought on by the expansion of radio, television, and internet has one distinct difference; the shear volume of information is at times overwhelming. We can find out about news on the war front instantly, we can find expanded entertainment options, and even sources of spiritual teaching at the touch of a button, or even verbal request to your smart phone.
For the Christian this creates a definite problem. The quality of the content is not always worthy of our attention, and in fact can be detrimental.
Jesus warned in the Sermon On The Mount, that we had to be wary of the false teachers, which we typically convince ourselves that we are. Yet the interesting point of the Sermon On The Mount comes two chapters earlier when Jesus several times says “you have heard it said”, then he addresses some mis-teaching that was common to the day. Notice Matthew 5:43, “love your neighbor, hate your enemy”. This was never a text of teaching from the Law. Where had this come from? This article would be significantly longer if I took time to explain that - but consider how we today have accepted changes to our doctrinal beliefs one small change at a time.
Nuances: those subtle little words that alter an entire thought. The change that Jesus referred to in Matthew 5 came from those in authority over the teachings of the day. Taking what sounded like truth, and with a little twist altered the “truth” to a new more convenient teaching. In a quick listen to an introduction to a Christian song this morning I heard the truth twisted, in a very innocent sounding way. But the end result would definitely alter biblical truth. Another celebrity referenced “God”, and where his father was, but I was certain that this was not a reference to the biblical truths I have found in scripture. Movies, TV programs, songs, the list is long, of things that are full of nuances that "teach" things that are not truly biblical but look like they are because of the context they offer the "truth" in.
It would be my simple request in this brief comment to say this: Do not take anything at face value. Please be a good bible student like those referred to in Acts, the Bereans, who went home and searched the scripture to see if the things they heard were true.
Are you reading your bible? Do you search out GOD’s truth? Do you ask the Holy Spirit for help when confusing “truths” are offered as “fact”?

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