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Jesus Saves

I struggle with a sad thought: it seems that a lot of Christians don’t REALLY believe that Jesus Saves.
I have known for “all” of my life that Jesus Saves. But, I am willing to admit that sometimes the head and the heart argue with the Truth that I know; especially when the Truth is based on faith - (“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”Heb 11:1. Please notice that this intangible thing (faith) is based on another intangible and is the evidence of yet another intangible.) Faith is a hard thing sometimes. But the point is this, Jesus Saves, is a real thing we can see,…. at times. But, we have to see with spiritual eyes to truly see (perceive) it.
Is this double talk? No, but it is obvious that while some people read the bible, spend time in prayer, attend church, and even try to respond to the influence of the Holy Spirit, they still really don’t “believe” when it matters.
The “when” that is the evidence of the previous “REALLY” is that moment when they see a friend or neighbor fighting the loosing battle of life and that person doesn’t know what to do to help. There are numerous examples that can be shared, maybe its finances, or health, or a job setting, or even martial difficulties. I think of an associate that I worked with for a couple of years. That life was a mess: personal problems at home, alcohol issues at times, due to a lack of good wisdom terrible financial problems. But in that instance, every time the issue of the Bible, Church, or Jesus Christ was raised, with out any antagonism, the answer was no. I have seen how Jesus can save a life - Mine. And, there are times when I struggle to articulate the truth of my own experience. Yet, I know that “Jesus Saved” me; no doubt about it. So when I watched the struggle, I wanted to share a real solution.
But the sad thought that I am dealing with as I write this is not my experience with that associate or even with that Christian that struggles to share how Jesus can save, rather the problem I consider is that Christian that doesn’t see Jesus as the solutions to the problem their friend or family members is having. Back to that previous statement, they don’t seem to REALLY believe that Jesus Saves - not in a way that matters in the daily living of the citizens of earth.
If you are a Bible reader, every day you see, sometimes with a little too much honesty, the sad state that mankind has always been in, from even way back there in Bible times: husbands and wives experiencing martial issues, mankind’s insatiable hunger for whatever they don’t have, money’s evil influence, the heart’s truly twisted state. But, if you are a Bible reader, everyday you can see that there is a real solution to the problem in a right relationship with an all powerful and loving GOD, through the life of HIS son.
So why is it that what we "know", we can’t seem to share with those that so desperately need it. I think the real problem comes back to “REALLY” believing it, and remembering why. In an effort to shore up our faith we are told in song to “count our blessing”; I suggest that is the same solution to the problem I am addressing here. The thing that makes Jesus so real to me in a way that reminds me what HE can do, is my own memory of what I was saved from: a little spiritual inventory. I look back over my shoulder, and I see the path I have walked, and I know that I am really glad I didn’t have to walk it alone. There are places where the finances didn’t add up, experiences with difficult work setting, car problems at what seemed like the worst of times; I could really build a list here. The point is that in looking over my shoulder I see what GOD has been doing in and around me in the life that I am living. It’s in the retrospective that I can see the “why” more clearly.
Are you a Christian that has friends that just never seem to have any peace or sense of accomplishment, yet don’t know what you can do for them to help them get ahead? It is a redundant question, of course you do. What can you do about it? Here is the point, …. take a little spiritual inventory. Think about what you have been saved from. Unequivocally, you have been saved from your sin, and brought into a right relationship if our Sovereign LORD, but there is more. You have experienced the hand of that loving Father’s influence on some of the most difficult experiences that citizens of earth experience. PLEASE, think more about those “blessings”, and share Jesus with a world that needs to know that HE SAVES - COMPLETELY!!!
"Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.” 2 Cor 5:20

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